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Python: Pen Testing AWS

This activity covered one of the many aspects of cybersecurity, more specifically, pen-testing through AWS using Python. The video was created by Malcolm Shore, a cybersecurity professional and a former employee of the New Zealand government. I learned learned a various amount of detail on pen-testing through AWS such as the series of steps to assess and improve the security of cloud infrastructure and applications. Firstly, you obtain permission from AWS to conduct tests according to their policies. You then can use Python-based tools and libraries, such as Boto3 for AWS service interaction and others like Scapy or Nmap for vulnerability scanning. After doing this, you would use reconnaissance to collect information about the target environment using Python scripts, which helps in identifying open ports and running services. You can use Python to automate these scans. If vulnerabilities are found, you carefully simulate attack scenarios within AWS’s permitted boundaries to understand the impact. Lastly, you consolidate your findings into reports using Python for analysis, highlighting security gaps for remediation which closely resembles what I’m doing in my cybersecurity class.

CertificateOfCompletion_Python Pen Testing AWS

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