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IBIT mentoring program

The mentoring program matches senior executives with students. Students take the lead on setting up two phone, video, or in-person meetings with their mentor by a pre-set deadline.

I set up my first meeting on November 2nd and the 2nd meeting on December 9th. The first meeting I asked about my mentor’s career and also careers in MIS in general. I asked how he decided to get a masters in MIS, how he uses his MIS and business degrees, what the most important skills are for jobs, and how getting a data analytics concentration in accounting can be useful. The 2nd meeting we talked about the future of MIS/IT jobs, what interviews are like for jobs in this field and how to prepare for them, and work life balance.

what I learned: I learned a lot about jobs in the MIS field, and also about the mentor and how he got where he is today. Some of my takeaways were that it is beneficial to have both business and technology backgrounds and that communication and presentation skills are probably the most important skills you can develop for most jobs.

This program relates to my career goals because the program is a good way to network and learn valuable information about possible careers.

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