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Panel Discussion – Cyber Risk, Insurance and Related Job Market

This IT webinar was focused on cyber risk and insurance, where we learned about the panelists’ personal experiences in the cyber risk and insurance market.

This is an online webinar with multiple professional individuals speaking about the significance of the market they work in, and how it is beneficial for the success and security of influential companies. We learned about how cyber insurance evolved to provide more than just coverage for network security liability to protect sensitive data. Over time, the demand for insurance has been increasing which has led to company expansions to ensure proper protection of important data. Cybersecurity has been improving as technological advancements have been made, allowing for the best quality protection for the demand of the market.

This discussion was very informative and eye-opening as I was unaware of the details and processes that occur in the cyber risk industry. The panelists were concise in the way they explained what the industry is like, how it contributes to the success of hundreds of thousands of companies, and the future of cybersecurity. This relates to my career goals since I plan to be a part of an industry that provides beneficial technological services for companies that are important today and in the future.


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