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MIS 2502

Navigate and query relational and NoSQL databases to support applications. Combine multiple sources of data using extract, transform, load for data cleansing. Discover insights from data using analytics software.

MIS 2402

Create web-based applications that carry out a business process and integrate web-based services. Learn loops, arrays, conditional statements, data validation, responsive web design, and making API calls.

MIS 2101

Learn the role of information systems and digital platforms in business and how digital products are conceived, designed, secured and deployed. Understand component-based software architectures and APIs. Build simple software applications.

CIS 1051

This course introduces computer programming using Python, a computer language which is widely used in industry, scientific research, game programming and web applications. Students will learn how to design a program to solve a problem using procedural programming constructs such as loops, branching structures, and functions. Students will write programs that are testable (using assertions) and maintainable (using good programming style, naming conventions, indentation, and comments). Topics covered also include the general characteristics of computers, techniques of problem solving, and algorithm specification. Students are also introduced to software engineering practices, including unit testing techniques, debugging techniques, and version control management.

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