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Target Case Competition

Describe the challenge/competition

  1. 3rd place
  2. Target Corporation
  3. Presented Target with solutions to issues relating to Association Rule Mining, Supply chain Management, Cloud Architecture, management of servers and databases, and price/marketing tactics to improve revenue. Highlighted my findings to a panel of Target judges/employees, as a top 3 finalist
  4. How to condense my findings to a panel of judges. Learned how a consulting case works, gathering user data, and more about how to use the 4P\\\\\\\’s in marketing and using a SWOT analysis for presenting solutions about a company.
  5. The class relates to data analytics as we used association rule mining. The 4p\\\\\\\’s and SWOT relate to marketing. Learned
  6. The good, better, best model also establishes price transparency to shoppers as they can compare prices for similar items. I related it to the cloud architect to ensure the servers are up to date and working. The additional servers will improve inventory accuracy between stores and distribution centers. Customers will know if a product is available to purchase across all channels. This keeps loyal guests and speeds the flow of transactional data to the servers. I related it to MSOM with supply chain. I stated how Target can also use tailored shipments for each store based on its transaction history. The tailored shipments will eliminate excess supply within its store inventory and provide availability for products that match consumer demands for certain stores. Target currently uses standard shipments for each store. So if an item is missing from an aisle Target will send a box filled with a uniform amount of items in that box based on general demand. Each Target store is different, you must adjust to each store accordingly. By using transactional data to tailor our shipments, we can eliminate the unnecessary transfer of stock to stores.
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