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New Cybersecurity Reporting Roles

On October 25th, I had the opportunity to attend a really educational webinar titled “New Cybersecurity Reporting Roles,” which ran from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. The webinar was especially pertinent to my major in Management Information Systems because it delves into the new guidelines that considerably increase the cybersecurity compliance responsibilities of a variety of institutions, including public firms and registered investment advisers. Mrs. Thu Nguyen, the lecturer, gave a lot of knowledge to the discussion. Her present position on Wells Fargo’s Audit Leadership Management team, her teaching and advisory position in Temple’s ITACS program, and her board involvement at ISACA all painted her as a multidimensional professional with a diverse background. Her 30-plus years of consulting, risk management, and auditing experience, along with a solid educational basis and several certifications, provided essential insights into the growing cybersecurity scene.

Mrs. Nguyen’s presentation covered the convergence of technology, banking, and regulatory compliance, all of which are directly related to the core of Management Information Systems. Her work with S&P 500 corporations such as Verizon and Capital One demonstrated the practical applicability of MIS principles in high-stakes situations. The information presented during the webinar improved my understanding of how cybersecurity measures are built into the infrastructure of modern financial institutions and other companies that rely on information technology.

The workshop also emphasized the significance of maintaining current with compliance obligations, which is essential for anyone interested in a career in MIS. It confirmed my professional objective of entering the field of information systems in the banking sector, where I intend to focus on improving cybersecurity and optimizing audit processes. Mrs. Nguyen’s knowledge and extensive analysis of new cybersecurity reporting standards not only complimented my academic training, but also provided a clear view into the real challenges and obligations I will most likely face in my future employment. This event was sponsored by Temple’s ITACS program, which continually gives students access to industry leaders and current trends in information systems and cybersecurity.

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