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Technology Risk

a prominent global professional services firm, I will be part of the dynamic Technology Risk team in the Business Consulting division. This role is based in Philadelphia and revolves around providing assessment and attestation services to manage and understand business risks related to technology. In this Transformative Age, my position entails a deep engagement with IT risk management, which is crucial for every business. My role will leverage EY’s focus on bridging the knowledge gap between business and IT, a skill directly aligned with my Management Information Systems major.

My responsibilities will include understanding clients’ strategies, initiatives, and issues around IT controls, cybersecurity attestation, and cloud assurance. I will also contribute to creating trust and confidence in financial reporting and advising on proactive technology risk mitigation strategies. This position perfectly aligns with my MIS background, especially courses such as Information Systems Management and Cybersecurity, equipping me with the necessary skills to analyze and respond to technological advancements and regulatory requirements. At EY, I’ll have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios, aiding businesses in navigating the complexities of the digital era and fostering sustainable growth through effective technology risk management

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