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Mobile Cloud Computing & Cloud Security


Cloud Computing and Cloud Security composition are assembled with a plethora of concepts. As part of my study, I spent researching on two key concepts: Mobile Cloud Computing and Cloud Security.

Mobile Cloud Computing is a mobile-based infrastructure where Data Storage and Data Processing takes place outside of a mobile device. Mobile cloud applications play an integral role in moving computing power and data storage into the cloud which makes it available to a broad range of subscribers. Mobile Cloud Computing serves an important role in our lives. Some of the major advantages of Mobile cloud computing include storage/access to abundant data through wireless networks, minimizing the risk of losing data, reduction of the running cost of intensive applications, etc.

On the other hand, Cloud Security refers to a set of policies, controls, and technologies that work together to ensure the safety of cloud platforms. Cloud Security provides flexibility in businesses to protect their data at all costs. It plays a vital role in businesses and our day to day lives because it prevents the inescapable risks of data loss, data hijacking, data breaches, and data theft.

These two concepts directly correlate with the topics covered in the Enterprise IT Architecture class. Throughout this course, we spent an extensive amount of time learning about Cloud Infrastructure and its uses. We learned that Cloud is shared computer resources that “run somewhere else” and more than one person can use it. Cloud Computing’s concept is to transmit data through wireless networks. Interestingly, Mobile cloud builds off of the concept of cloud computing, therefore, it is considered a branch of cloud computing. In essence, mobile users can process and store data on cloud platforms rather than on their mobile devices.

Furthermore, we also applied a few cloud securities concepts in the class. We spent time building a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in Amazon Web Services. Additionally, we added Public and Private subnets to separate our networks and also routing for internet gateway communication. Additionally, we briefly discussed the use of Firewalls that help filter and block network traffic. As a result, Cloud Security builds off of the topics we have covered in the Enterprise IT Architecture class.

Mobile cloud computing and Cloud Security work tightly together. Having abundant and perhaps confidential data on a Mobile cloud poses many risks such as Access control attacks, Data Integrity attacks, Data Protection, and Data Theft. To make Mobile Cloud Computing more reliable and efficient, Cloud Security plays a vital role. Cloud Security keeps the trust of a user by offering maximum data protection. It inspects and filters all traffic before sending it to the servers, provides secured encryptions on data, and private cloud option for optimal safety. Therefore, these two concepts work closely together to provide a reliable and efficient user experience.

Lastly, these concepts are put into practice by many businesses and individuals. A key example of Mobile Cloud Computing is the establishment of Apple iCloud in 2011. iCloud is an ideal example of Mobile Cloud Computing as it is responsible for providing users the ability to manage and store data through wireless networks. To keep iCloud users and their information protected, Apple secures a user’s data by encrypting it. On top of that, Apple uses end to end encryption commonly known as “two-factor authentication’ to give users all rights over their data.

Researching these two essential concepts made me come to the conclusion that they build off of each other. Although these topics were not covered extensively in the class, we applied many concepts in Amazon Web Services Cloud that forms the foundation of Mobile Cloud Computing and Cloud Security.



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