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Tommy Cornell: Interesting Facts Page

Interesting facts page

  • Movie(s) I have watched over and over…

Boyhood. This movie never gets old to me because of the uniqueness with which it was made. The cast and crew worked through this movie for years, and the storyline roughly lines up with the age of the actors and actresses. Directed by Richard Linklater, production began in 2002 and ended in 2013, following the early life of the main character, Mason, and his family. This movie’s plot shows all the aspects of life, from wholesome scenes with him and his sister having innocent fun as little kids, to the brutal and violent reality of his mother’s divorces. This movie puts the audience in an invisible third person point of view, evoking the feeling of being fully present in these scenarios, and the feeling of growing up with the cast. I think that this movie is fascinating because at some point or another, everyone watching will be able to relate. One thing that we all have in common is the way that our upbringing shapes us into who we are, and for that reason, the movie is one of my favorites.

  • Favorite sports teams…

Philadelphia 76ers. I haven’t been a 76ers fan until the 2018-2019 season, because I wasn’t interested in basketball until then. Anyone who is also a Sixers fan can recall the devastating end to that season, with the last second, game winning shot by Kawhi Leonard that bounced off of the rim four times before falling through. Since then, I have watched almost every game and follow the team very closely. Being a fan of this team has given me something to look forward to on week nights, increased by passion for basketball as a sport, and strengthened my relationships with friends and family who are also 76ers fans.

  • TV show(s) I’m watching right now…

Better Call Saul. This show has just recently released its sixth and final season, and that season cemented Better Call Saul as my favorite show, just a bit ahead of its predecessor from the same creators, Breaking Bad. My favorite part about this show is how they use cinematic strategy and showing specific scenes in order to visually communicate plot points rather than leave it to speaking dialogue to move the story along. The show has a slow, deliberate, pace which gives the audience a feeling of figuring out the plot as the characters do, rather than entirely knowing what is going to happen or not knowing at all.

  • Places I have lived…

Hatboro, PA. I lived there from the time I was born until the time I was seven or eight. It is located in the suburbs north of Philadelphia, and is the second to last stop on Septa’s Warminster Regional Rail line. I often take trains to and from Temple from Hatboro Station, and I will always remember Hatboro with fond, childhood goggles. I can remember going to the Jim’s Pretzel shop, which has recently closed, with cheap food and indoor seating. My family and I still go out to dinner at La Morena or Ming’s, some of our favorite small businesses.

  • Pets…

Gizmo. My family and I got Gizmo on July 20th, 2018. We had just come back from a vacation, and my mom had decided that that was the time we would get a dog. Gizmo is turning 9 this May, and I can’t even remember what it was like before we got him. Gizmo is a peekapoo which is a cross between pekinese and a poodle. He is extremely fluffy, and to be honest, loves to leave little presents around for my family and I to pick up, even if he is fully walked. He’s a piece of work, but the best dog ever.

  • Apps I visit daily…

Spotify. Everyday, no matter what, I use Spotify. I find that most activities are better with your favorite music playing in the background. When I used to work at an Italian Restaurant, I would wash dishes for hours on end and listen to albums all the way through, in order. Even though the work was hard, since my mind had somewhere to wander, it was very enjoyable at points. More recently, listening to music while working on assignments for my classes helps me focus and helps the time go by.

  • Favorite things to do outside of school & work…

My favorite things to do outside of school and work are playing guitar and playing basketball. From seventh grade through senior year, I was heavily involved in my school’s choir. I went into it not knowing much about music, and came out of it with a solid understanding of the basics of music, and a trained ear, but lacking in areas of reading music and playing instruments completely on my own. I bought a guitar, and have been learning online and from friends for a couple of years. I am no master, but the more that I play, the better I become, and the more I enjoy it. I also have love to play basketball. I wasn’t a very athletic kid, and didn’t play any sports except for soccer when I was four years old. In eighth grade, though, my friends would play at our local park. I would get forced into the games, but was always frustrated at being undersized and not skilled. Since then, I have been practicing regularly (often at the TU rec center), watching NBA games and learning from the best, and learning about all aspects of the game. I find it fun to enter something as a beginner, and improve by exploring all of the opportunities within an activity and using my skills to the best of my ability.

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