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Cashier and Beverage Stock Analyst

During my time at Havertown Beer Beverage, I served as both a Cashier and Beverage Stock Analyst for more than 12 weeks. In my cashier role, I provided exceptional customer service by handling transactions, addressing inquiries, and ensuring a positive shopping experience. I managed cash registers, processed payments accurately, and maintained a secure and organized cash-handling process. Simultaneously, as a Beverage Stock Analyst, I utilized tools like Excel to analyze beer stock levels, and sales trends. I monitored inventory turnover, identified slow-moving items, and implemented strategies to optimize stock levels. Additionally, I assisted in placing orders based on demand forecasts, collaborated with suppliers for timely deliveries, and maintained optimal stock levels to meet customer demand. My responsibilities also included meticulous data entry, record-keeping, and conducting regular audits to reconcile physical inventory with electronic records. I actively collaborated with my boss to discuss sales trends, customer feedback, and process improvements. Identifying opportunities for process enhancement, I implemented practical solutions to improve efficiency in both cashier processes and stock management procedures.

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