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Smoothie Operations Analyst

P&S Fruits, Salads, and Smoothie is a lively local business in North Philadelphia. My job there as an Operations Analyst involves two main tasks: managing what we buy and understanding what our customers buy. Firstly, when it comes to ordering supplies like cups and fruits, I use Excel. I make spreadsheets to keep track of what we have, what we need, and when we need it. This helps us order things at the right time and avoid running out of essentials. Secondly, I dive into customer data using a tool called MySQL. This lets me see what our customers are buying, when they’re buying it, and what they like the most. Understanding these patterns helps us stock what people want, making them happier and keeping our business running smoothly.

I’ve worked on projects like setting up automated ordering systems with Excel, creating graphs to show customer trends, and using MySQL to analyze our sales data. These experiences have taught me a lot about managing data effectively, which is crucial for my MIS major. They’ve also shown me how real-world businesses use tools like Excel and MySQL to make smarter decisions and keep customers happy.

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