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My Interests

My interests are grounded in information technology and innovation. In a world being increasingly taken over by computers, data. and automation, it is pertinent, if not required, for me to be able to understand and utilize these advancements to aid myself. I love projects that involve coding or some sort of process development, because I enjoy being able to take apart a problem piece by piece to fully understand it. I built my first computer with a good friend of mine in high school, which was one of my favorite experiences because I was able to get a hands-on perspective of how technology like computers, televisions or phones are made from hardware to software, like a symbiotic relationship.


One of my favorite classes I’ve taken is MIS 2901, Information Systems in Organizations. In this class I’ve been able to learn how to accurately decompose processes to see how business functions on microscopic level, or how they operate from a bird’s eye view.

Here’s a project showcasing some of my interests from this class! ERP Research Project


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