Tyler B Velez

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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SPONSOR: Temple Association for Computing Machinery
DETAILS: Thursday March 28th 5:30 SERC 358, Speaker is Bill Evans the CEO of Liberty Fox Technologies
EXPECTATIONS: Understand the state of block chain and how it businesses can use it to create value.
RELATES TO COURSE WORK: One of the key components of studying MIS is being immersed in studying the latest
technology trends. This speaker series event helps me do just that.

I am a computer science minor so this is especially relevant to me. I actually found out about it by seeing this
flyer in the computer science lounge. I went to one of the previous speaker series events that was lead by a technical program manager at Google.



This was a great event. For being put on by the computer science club, the lecture was surprisingly industry focused. We walked through real world examples of how the largest companies in the world (like Walmart) are leveraging the block-chain today. I know can articulate the benefits of block-chain to large scale organizations especially ones with large robust supply chains and transaction histories.

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