Tyler R. Wilson

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Tyler R Wilson


I am Tyler R Wilson: digital marketer, salesman, and problem solver.

Temple University spawned my interest in digital content marketing on and off the clock. My mission is to be the best marketer in the 21st century.  While at Temple, I have developed a background in personal selling, relationship selling, and sales management. I also have experience in search engine optimization, blogging, search engine marketing, and gathering/analyzing/reporting data.

Imagining the future’s hard when there are so many people with rich experiences and advice to consider in the present. So, imagination is just that. Actively listening to the experiences of others is actual data for imagining the future. I want to hear from everyone I come into contact with because everyone has some story to tell. No wonder why humans are born with two ears and one mouth.

Overall, marketing and sales are not about holding an interest, but the value that can be brought to the table which reflects both everyone’s interest. And value is only one of many aspects of marketing and sales. Fostering relationships is another crucial element on top of delivering value.  So interacting with clients, co-workers, managers, or owners takes a degree of respect, autonomy, and empathy. I hope to bring my values, experiences, and skills to an organization that will embrace me as much as I will embrace them while fostering relationships for the future.

For any inquiries or questions about anything, please contact me here.
Enjoy your stay!

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Data analysis: How Temple Saves More than Just Water Bottles

Keyword Analysis and Recommendation

Case Analysis: Twin Peaks Restaurant


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