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AIS Mentorship Program

The AIS Mentorship Program


Fall 2020: Through my participation and engagement in the AIS mentorship program, I was able to gain a much more well-rounded understanding of the MIS department and the class sequence that is required of those who major in such. One big thing that I learned this semester was that of how the PRO Points program operates, and gaining an understanding of the point checkpoints needed to progress and succeed throughout the program. Another thing that the mentorship program taught me about was that of the Institute for Business and Information Technology and all of the programs and offerings that such place has to offer. In addition, my mentor was able to help me; one on one, with creating/developing my E-portfolio.  In addition to learning the many facets around the MIS department/program, my mentor was one who simply helped me gain a more ‘comfortable’ feeling as I transition into this new program of mine. Overall, I had an amazing experience pertaining to my participation within the mentorship program and would surely recommend it to anyone who is an underclassman within the program.

Spring 2020: My participation in the AIS mentorship program is one that allowed me to further gain exposure to that of the MIS department as a whole, and everything that essentially plays along with such. Last semester I was introduced to the concept of PRO Points, however, this semester I was further immersed in understanding how to earn such points, and even made a schedule that is likely to ensure that I stay on track with such. In addition, the mentorship program is one that allowed me the opportunity to better connect with some of my fellow peers, and even go on to network with a few. Besides learning a bit more about the department, the mentorship program helped me gain a better understanding of the general class sequence dispersed throughout the major – which is surely important as each class has a specified amount of PRO Points that are needed. All in all, it has been such an amazing experience being able to take part in the mentorship program for a second semester in row, and surely can recommend such program in the future.

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