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NetCom Learning – Visual Analytics: Best Practices, Sharing & Collaboration Program

Today on May 10th, 2022, I attended NetCom Learning’s Visual Analytics: Best Practices, Sharing & Collaboration Program Webinar. It was a 45-minute overview of Tableau. Tableau is an interactive data visualization software company that offers comprehensive visualization tools and Business Intelligence. This Webinar was hosted by NetCom Learning and presented by Deepak Lakhotia. NetCom Learning is an IT training and learning service that provides IT related courses to individuals who are keen to learn professional tools. I learned the best practices of Tableau and identifying the user/customer, deciding the colors and visualization of data charts and creating dashboards. I also learned that visual analytics creates an even distribution of information that increases the opportunity to share insights with all parties involved. Learning about the Tableau software is useful to my studies as an MIS major because this could potentially be what I will be using in the future if I do choose to go into Data Analytics. Knowing the principles of Tableau will give me an advantage when I start the Data Analytics course in Fall 2022.

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