This site provide resources for advising units seeking to research and implement virtual advising.


The growth of distance learning opportunities has led the higher education world to re-think much of how student services are offered . internet photoAs technology has advanced, student needs and expectations are changing. With more alternative courses offerings including online, weekends and evenings and the university’s continuing appeal to non-traditional students, it is vital that our advising practices evolve in order to best serve the entire student population. This website will explores the idea of offering advising services online, in a virtual meeting format. The subject includes quality of services, associated costs, and how the utilization of web technology can allow advisors to stay connected with any student – anywhere.  The benefits and disadvantages of taking the advising session online are also discussed, as are the student development implications of virtual advising practice.  We will highlight the current virtual advising program being offered at the Fox School of Business.  In this blog, we will evaluate the virtual advising best practices, provide resources and provide a collaborative community.  We welcome your feedback, questions, posts and recommendations.