This site provide resources for advising units seeking to research and implement virtual advising.

Benefits and Challenges

What are the benefits of virtual advising:

  • Convenience
  • Green: reduces our carbon footprint
  • Saves on travel expenses
  • Reduces travel time
  • Accessible to study abroad students & working adults
  • Reduces office in-person traffic
  • Advisor can provide service from anywhere
  • Ability to establish a relationship with a student who we may not have otherwise
  • Desktop sharing – share and educate students on how to use university resources




challenges photo

What are the challenges of virtual advising:

  • Less personal than in-personal advising
  • Potential security issues
  • Associated costs
  • Technology resources or lack thereof
  • Technology difficulties (advisor or students)
  • Advisor lacks technology skills or familiarity
  • Advisor is uncomfortable with virtual advising


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