This site provide resources for advising units seeking to research and implement virtual advising.

Technology and Advising

Haberstroh, S., Rowe, S., & Cisneros, S. “Implementing virtual career counseling and advising at a major university.” Journal of Cases on Information Technology (2009): 31-44. Volume 11, Issue 3.

Case Study: Anonymous University

  • Early 2006 – Career Services Office explores Virtual Career Center (VCC).
  • Wanted the ability to customize services.
  • Employed approximately 11 full-time staff members who would conduct chat sessions.
    • Staff work schedules were rearranged to offer evening chat sessions for nontraditional and working students (anticipated higher use amongst this population).
  • Official implementation in spring 2008.
  • Very few students logged on to seek career advising.
  • Students were using the counselors as IT support with questions about creating usernames, passwords, etc.


Flowers, Jefferson Lee. ”Understanding and unlocking the potential of online academic advising.” San Francisco State University, ProQuest, UMI Dissertations Publishing, (2012)

Case Study: Peninsula College

  • Equivalency Theory
  • (1) understand how online advising compared to traditional service delivery treatments, and (2) assess student perceptions of virtual advising for future planning and/or implementation.
  • Led to comprehensive web design employing a multitude of services:





  • 6,270 Undergraduates across three campuses
  • 13 Academic Advisors, 3 Associate Directors, 4 Administrative Coordinators, 15 Peer Advisors, 1 Director
  • 13 Majors

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