Wesley Thomas

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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One of the most valuable classes to my work experience I believe was Enterprise IT Architecture. This is because through it I gained a deeper understanding of how all the tools we use work allowing me to be able to troubleshoot issues we encounter with piece of mind. The other reason is that is where I learned about Active Directory a tool I use every day at my Job, which allowed me to quickly excel as I was already experienced with this tool. 

Another class I believe allowed me to excel in my current job is Data Analytics. In working with SAP I often have to go through lists of thousands of user accounts. My experience in Data Analytics allows me to think ahead about the data so I can sort and understand it clearly. Allowing me to quickly and efficiently handle whatever task needs done to it. Without data analytics I feel I would be dealing with to much scrambled information, however with what I learned in that class I now have the confidence to tackle large data sets.

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