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Big Data

Big data is exactly what its name is, it describes a large amount of data that is unstructured and structured. Unstructured and structured are both used in big data analysis, structured data is organized according to a formal data model. Unstructured there is no data model and no predefined organization. Big data is not focused on the amount of data but more of how the company uses the data. If the data is analyzed correctly there are plenty of insights a company can find so better business moves can be made. Big data is an important piece to any successful business because you can reduce costs and time. Big data affects a variety of industries like banking, education, government, health care, manufacturing, and retail.

Big data relates to my MIS2502 data analytics class because we learned about unstructured and structured data. Both data sets are used in analyzing big data but for a long time structured data was the only effective way to manage data. Unstructured data has been utilized more because storage has increased in size while becoming cheaper. Unstructured data doesn’t adapt correctly with databases which makes them difficult to analyze. Structured data adapts easily because it is organized which allows it to work with relational databases.

SciSports is a data analytics company that collects big data on athletes playing on the field. The technology they use is called BallJames and it uses cameras around the stadium to record players movements. The data that is collected from the players is how fast their passes are also the direction, and precision of it. Players bodies are also recorded to see how much strength and speed they are creating. After reading about this company it got me interested because I would be able to combine my passion for data analytics and my love for sports.




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