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About me – The Experience

I grew up in China, moved to United States of America when I was around 5 or 6. Everything was new to me, I thought the blue mailbox was a trash bin at the time (sorry about that). Within a blink of an eye, I was graduating 5th grade. There was a party, people danced, got signatures, hugs, and people saying their last farewell. Then, I moved to Philadelphia for middle school. It was a different city, a city that took me by surprise. The first day of school, I was met with racism. I was never used to that for someone who grew up in a densely populated Asian community. After the gruesome experience,  I moved up to High School. At first, I thought that it was going to be middle school all over again. However, to my surprise, many minded their own business. Although for first two years of high school I was what they called a “bad kid.” However, for some reason, something perhaps sparked in my brain, and I was on my way to perfecting my grades. At the time, majority of classes were held virtual due to Covid-19.  Perhaps I had extra time when I was in class. If I were bored, I would go on Youtube and learn a new skill. In fact I got into graphic design. I created the logo for my dad’s restaurant business. Soon after that, I got into 3d modeling. I would try to re-create something I had around my desk. I was a fun experience, creating something from scratch without a teacher, or someone to look over me. It was a big step for me. After that, my home’s internet was out for a couple days as it was snowing outside. I had  a few Html & Css videos downloaded on my device. I said to myself “well, I got all day, why not do something productive.” Soon after graduating high school, I was working at a summer job to pay my tuition. It was a tough one, manual labor. However, it paid well. After that, it leads up to now…

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