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Interesting Facts Page

What are my interests?

  • KochiKame the Movie 2: UFO Attack! The Great Tornado Strategy!! is one of the movies I enjoy watching over and over again. The graphics, story, and overall nostalgic feelings from watching the show KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops.
  • One of my favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.
  • My journey started in Brooklyn, New York City, then I moved to Philadelphia right before middle school, and I have been here ever since.
  • YouTube is one of the most visited application I use from a daily basis, whether that be browsing informational videos, or to get a good laugh at YouTube Short’s.
  • When I have free time after school, I would be researching about recent topics, trying to fix my Arch install, or fixing someone else. Additionally, I enjoy playing Mario Kart, Apex legends, and Overwatch.
  • The coolest thing I have ever done has to be riding Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.
  • My proudest atypical accomplishment has to be the first time I installed Arch Linux on my laptop. It was like building your own operating system tailored to your needs.
  • As a gamer, and a someone who enjoys tech, I used to host Minecraft and ARK servers on a spare laptop. It was my first experience with server hosting and the first step into learning about hardware, and software.

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