Daniel J Genuario

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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MIS 3535:

In MIS 3535 we worked with the college of engineering to manage their senior design project as project managers.  Our group was developing a Nitinol-Based Prosthetic Hand.  We worked closely with the engineering team to help streamline their project to meet specific requirements.  Some of the project management tools we used to do this was a project charter, scope document, work breakdown structure, org chart, budget, stakeholder registry, communication management plan, change management plan, and risk management plan.  We went over more useful documents for project management in the course however we felt that they didn’t meet the criteria for this project.  

MIS 3504:

In MIS 3504 we developed a new product and built a prototype in Justinmind with an interactive user interface of how the product would work.  We created a virtual check out application for mobile devices to be used at Walmart so the customers can quickly and easily pay for their products or groceries instead of waiting in long lines.  We used business analysis skills along with project management knowledge to help create our product.  We interacted with subject matter experts to obtain valuable feedback about our product and to meet the needs and criteria of the customer.  We created a PowerPoint presentation along with a demonstration of the prototype in class to sell our products idea to the customer.

BA 3103:

In BA 3103 we did a critical analysis on the technology giant Nokia to examine its shortcomings due to plummeting device sales in recent years because of contenders like Apple and Samsung.  We did a SWOT analysis on Nokia to determine possible solutions to its problems.  After reviewing all of the proposed solutions we came up with a recommended solution that would work best.  We came up with intermediate and conclusive metrics to track the recommended solution on its success.  We had to create a PowerPoint presentation to present in class to describe our reasoning for our recommended solution along with a six page critical analysis report describing the companies background, a problem statement, alternative solutions, recommended solution, and performance metrics.

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