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Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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In MIS2502 Data Analytics, we covered relational data modeling and how it is used to store and analyze data. SQL, structured query language, is a powerful platform for accessing, analyzing, and modifying data. Relational data models involve schemas to dictate how different entities and attributes interact with one another. However, there is another type of data modeling: NoSQL (not only SQL). NoSQL is more suitable than SQL alone at analyzing large swathes of data. In class, we used MySQL for all our SQL problems. MySQL uses a tabbed approach to data analytics, like an Excel file. NoSQL can present data in a variety of formats and styles. MySQL can take a while to churn through data, so one of the best ways to combat this slowness is to utilize more powerful hardware. For large firms like Google and Facebook, this solution is not practical. NoSQL is a non-relational database solution, meaning it allows the data to be scaled out to more than one host if necessary. NoSQL can be impractical for some solutions, as relational databases don’t work well in NoSQL. The work we did in class focused on relational databases, so NoSQL would not be apt for our needs. NoSQL tends to be used in complex, unstructured situations. One of the most popular NoSQL management programs is Apache Cassandra. Cassandra started out as internal solution for Facebook for dealing with photo analyzation over several datacenters. A large list of innovative companies utilizes Cassandra, including Apple, Netflix, Cisco WebEx, CERN and Twitter. Twitter had been planning on moving all their databases from MySQL to Cassandra but backtracked, realizing that relational databases were best for organizing Tweets and NoSQL was best for large scale data mining on all users.




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