Henry Wadsworth

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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I love all things tech, helping people integrate technology into their lives, traveling, current world affairs, politics, and environmental sustainability. My hobbies include collecting banknotes, running, watching classic films (noir and spaghetti westerns are my favorites), and reading non-fiction.

2 thoughts on "My Interests"

  • Snigdha Hossain says:

    Without technology we as individuals and society cannot function. It is always changing and evolving. It is great that you picked a career in technology because it will always be around.

  • Aquila Choi says:

    After reading your interests page, I found we share a lot in common. I hope you find new ways to pursue your interests because I believe it is an important one. Technology is changing the world in many areas of life and people like you are needed to help facilitate it.

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