Jessica Marie Martincic

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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On February 8th and 9th, I attended the FemmeHacks event at the University of Pennsylvania. FemmeHacks is annual \”hackathon\” which aims to teach and empower women within Philly\’s tech community. The jam-packed schedule provided attendees with the opportunity to develop new skills and enhance prior skills. For example, one part of the event that was particularly worthwhile for me was the GitHub workshop. There, I learned about repository creation and project synchronization on Github. On the other hand, I also had the opportunity to improve skills I already had. I attended the Intermediate Web Development workshop, which focussed on HTML and CSS. I learned the basics of these code languages in Data Centric Application (MIS 2402), so this workshop was a great refresher.

I would strongly encourage any of my peers to attend events like this one. I assumed that the material would be too advanced and intimidating, but I was pleasantly surprised by the beginner-friendly atmosphere. The coordinators were extremely accommodating and provided workshops for all levels of proficiency. After this positive experience, I\’m excited to attend more hackathons in the future.

Professional Achievements

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