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The Internet of Things (IoT) has become prevalent within the last 20 to 30 years because of the high degree of technological advances. In order to connect physical devices, like automobiles and buildings, with humans by embedding or creating unique identities to enable data collection or transfer over networks, the Internet of Things was created. The IoT is an extremely broad topic that relates to many parts of the technology revolution as a whole.

With advancements such as a decrease in the cost of data storage and the exponential growth of the internet, the rise of the IoT has been extremely influential in the realm of data analytics. Many areas of data analytics are involved in the IoT, such as R. The IoT is all about taking data that has been collected through devices, the internet and any other medium and making decisions relating to that data. For example, decision trees in R take data that has been collected through the IoT and uses the data to create decisions.

In other places in the world, the significant growth of the IoT has become the norm. Since the inception of the IoT, many people have become reliant on this new technology for aspects of their life. Amazon is a big player in the world of the IoT. Amazon’s Alexa is coming forward as a product that can be used with data over a network. Alexa is a device that similar to Apple’s Siri has been able to transform how data is used through the IoT and through Artificial Intelligence. A user can ask the device to play music, add something to the shopping list or even hold a conversation about the weather. With the inclusion of products like Alexa, the IoT is able to grow at extreme rates showing a colossal importance in the world of technological advancements.

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