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The Implementation of a Vital Tier III Data Center

Our company should upgrade from a Tier I Data Center to a Tier III Data Center. By making this change we will incur a 3-year implementation benefit of about $13,229,056. This new version of a data center introduces efficient components that work together to reduce downtime.

The current Tier I data center that we are running has 99.67% availability, while a Tier III datacenter has 99.98% availability. Our current Tier I Data Center faces an average of 1,734 minutes of downtime per year while the proposed Tier III Data Center costs the company an average of 105 minutes of downtime a year. The main difference between the two data centers besides time and money is redundancy. Redundancy is allows the system to increase reliability in terms of a backup. Another vital point is that in the Tier III Data Center allows for a decrease in downtime because even if one server is not working, the other server will, preventing excessive downtime, making it more accessible.  Through the benefits of time, redundancy and protected maintenance periods, there is a significant reduction in overall downtime.

Over a 3-year period, our company will see a net benefit of $13,229,056. Additionally, the cost would amount to $35,000,000, while the benefit is $48,229,056. The net benefit is explain by diminishing the downtime to almost nothing, saving the company a large sum of money.





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Figure 1


Minutes in a Year 525,600
Cost per minute   14,800.00
Cost of Implementation 35,000,000
Tier I Availability 1-Availability Time Down/ year Cost per year
  99.67% 0.0033                 1,734.48    25,670,304.00
Tier III Availability 1-Availability Time Down/ year Cost per year
  99.98% 0.0002                    105.12      1,555,776.00
  0.31% 0.0031                 1,629.36    24,114,528.00
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total
Costs 35,000,000 0 0    35,000,000.00
Benefits 0    24,114,528.00       24,114,528.00    48,229,056.00
3-year net benefits          13,229,056.00


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