Michael Cantwell

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2019


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Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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As a technician in Tyler’s Media Output Center, I was tasked with many jobs relating to IT and MIS. One of my main duties was to be the first contact between students and computer services. Students and Faculty would bring their personal or school issued devices to me when a problem arose and it was my responsibility to either troubleshoot and fix the problem, or diagnose what I suspected the problem to be and pass that information along to my manager, who was the System administrator and could further assist with the issue. Through this work I gained extremely valuable hands on experience with various forms of technology and have developed useful skills to help me manage those devices.

Another duty I had separate from my IT work was assisting students and maintaining equipment in Tyler’s large format printing labs. Students and occasionally faculty would bring their files to me in the Media Output Center, and it was my responsibility to teach them proper formatting of their files, mostly in Photoshop. From there I would then calibrate one of our numerous large format printers in order to create the desired print of the Student. All of our materials were 5 star archival quality, and I worked with a variety of media such as matte paper, photo paper, poster boards, silk, cotton, and acetate prints. On top of my consultant responsibilities, I was also tasked with the physical maintenance and upkeep of our over 7 large format printers. This work has given me the opportunity to work extensively with Photoshop and similar photo editing software, as well as hands on experience while working with very valuable and complicated print systems.

A further distinct responsibility I was given was providing technical support to Tyler’s numerous Smart Classrooms and computer labs. As help requests would come into the office, I would be dispatched to various locations all around the Tyler school in order to assist faculty and students with their technical issue while also answering any questions they may have had about our computer system or the issue they were encountering. This work allowed me to practice quickly diagnosing and troubleshooting technical issues, while also allowing me to practice explaining and relaying those issues to someone who may not necessarily have a wide knowledge of computers or technology. These are all skills that I hope to continue to build upon and use to further my career through the MIS and IT fields.

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