Michael Cantwell

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2019


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Michael Cantwell

Major: Management Information Systems

GPA: 2.5

Graduation: Fall 2019


I am a Senior MIS major in the Fox School of Business with an interest in data analytics and IT. My inherent interest in computers led me to search for new ways to apply that interest into my professional career. Majoring in MIS allows me to explore that interest and actively apply it toward building my career. I have previous work experience in IT with Temple University that provided me with the opportunity to learn hardware and software repair skills, as well as many troubleshooting methods for IT problems. I have experience with SQL queries and R studio, as well as programming experience with PHP and Javascript. Data analytics interests me due to its many possible applications to business processes and its potential to change the ways we currently do business. I’ve always had an affinity for data and trends in the world of sports, and I’m eager to apply data analytics to the business world with similar enthusiasm.

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