Michael Cantwell

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2019


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Coursework Summary

I’ve taken courses across many different MIS disciplines. My data analytics course provided me with advanced knowledge of data representation using excel and r studio, and also served as my introduction to SQL. My programming courses taught me programming with PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and JQuery. These courses required me to construct functioning web applications using these coding languages. My project management course gave an overview of all aspects of project management, culminating in the creation of a project report similar to a report I’d generate in the business world.

These courses provided me with hands on experience with many of the tools I’ll need to succeed in my career field. My programming experience allows me to be comfortable around coding languages, and my prior exposure to SQL has allowed me to learn the language before experiencing it in the workplace as I would with many data analytics positions. The breadth of my coursework has given me a comprehensive understanding of the MIS field and prepared me to face any challenges the business world has.

Major Classes Completed

MIS 2101 Information Systems Organizations: Gained an entry level understanding of MIS concepts including ERD diagrams and how data flows through and is stored by an organization.

MIS 2502 Data Analytics: Learned more advanced data analytics diagrams and how this data can be broken down and presented in ways which help business. Gained beginners knowledge of MySQL queries and database management.

MIS 3501 Data Centric Application Development: Programming based course that taught me skills in HTML, SQL, and PHP. Elaborated on ways data can be programmed into webpages and applications so as to benefit a business or organization.

MIS 3502 Integrative Application Development: A comprehensive programming based course combining elements of HTML, SQL, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, and AJAX. This class gives insight into the application development process and culminates in creating a functioning web application.

MIS 3535 Lead Global Digital Projects: A project management course which provides insight into all aspects of project managing. A comprehensive course which consists of leading a simulated team of Business Analysts as their project manager.

Professional Achievements

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