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In-Class Exercise 8.2: Identifying Key Performance Indicators

Here is the exercise.

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  • Hours spent working on project per week, Number f tasks completed per week, Time spent communicating outside of meetings per week, Number of meetings attended per week, Average response time to group members over a week

  • Representing the regional branch manager of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, we created three KPIs using the S.M.A.R.T. criteria.
    1) The amount of sales made by each salesperson per month
    2) The amount of minutes each employee is late per week
    3) The amount of complaints filed against each employee per year
    Seth Keatley, Max Snyder, Whitney Libebe, Moeed Faisal, Keerthana Rachamadugu

  • Five KPI’s: Number of group meetings attended, number of slides created (if the project is a powerpoint presentation) or number of pages typed (if the project is a paper), number of times the person contributed to group discussions, number of roles or tasks taken on and the percentage of overall contributions compared to the rest of the group.

  • Five KPI’s James Dean, Chris DeClemente
    Surveillance installation Company
    1.Average install sales per month
    2. Number of good customer reviews.
    3.Frequency of priority scheduling
    4.Percentage of additional cost add on sales per job
    5.Monthly revenue for company.

  • Group ( Bryan, Timmy, Luke)

    If we were a technology company. we could use sales metrics KPI, Units sold per year KPI, Devices taken in for repair, Customer service calls per month, Stock performance in a quarter, amount of mentions our company has through a social media platform (questions/comments/concerns).

  • Business:

    Attendance (for employees)
    Customer Satisfaction
    Market Share
    Employee Morale

  • Amy Huynh & Johnny Luu

    1. The number of customer complaints or compliments received weekly.
    2. The amount of sales made in a quarter.
    3. The number of new customers the business gets per month.
    4. The daily percentage of conversion of customers who visit the store or site vs. the daily percentage of customers who actually purchase something.

  • 3 KPIs for a group project
    1. Amount of work completed within the given deadlines each week.
    2. Thoughts and ideas contributed to group discussions and brainstorming every project meeting.
    3. Number of group members the student gets along with and works well with the group during the duration of the project.

  • Walter

    1) Ticket Sales
    S – Funds the team/need money to fund the team and tickets make money
    M – Amount of tickets sold per season
    A – Set a goal for the amount of tickets you want to sell
    R – Reflects interest in the team
    T – Measure it over a period of seasons as the team improves/worsens
    2) Wins/Losses
    S – Tells how good the team is doing
    M – Wins judge success
    A – Can set a goal of amount of wins/want championship
    R – Wins show a good team
    T – A season or two
    3) TV/Radio Viewers
    S – Shows how much fans are interested in team
    M – Both media track who is paying attention
    A – Set goal to want more viewers
    R – More viewers are attracted to a better team
    T – Can measure viewers over good season/bad season
    4) Power Rankings
    S – Better teams are higher ranked
    M – Chart says the best/worst
    A – Goal to move up in ranking
    R – Better ranking = better team
    T – Multiple seasons
    5) Championships

  • In our scenario we are the overall managers of Nike company and some KPIs are:
    1) Number of merchandise sold on a weekly basis.
    2) Transportation costs.
    3) Salaries on a monthly basis.
    4) Exporting expenses.
    5) Merchandise made on a weekly basis.
    Ethan MIller, Veronica Antoni

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