MIS 0855: Data Science Fall 2018

Section 004, Instructor: Larry Dignan

A few reports worth checking out

Here are a few reports worth checking out. The first one is the UN’s 2018 report on global warming. You probably saw a headline or two about it last week. It’s worth seeing the whole report and the executive summary (which is 34 pages). In any case, you’ll see the data, the hundreds of authors and contributors and a few visualizations.

The other report is one on data literacy by a company called Qlik, which is a Tableau competitor. It captures business perceptions of analytics and data (and fits in with what we’re talking about the next two classes).

Separately, there’s a Reddit thread called Data is Beautiful and has some interesting visualizations and approaches.

For instance, I came across this story on someone on Reddit visualizing his Tinder experience only to find another person did their 500-day OKCupid outcomes.

Both of the data sets (along worth a bunch of others) are on the Data is Beautiful Reddit. The thread highlights the democratization of visualizing data. Worth checking out for giggles.


Reading Quiz #5: Complete by Oct. 15

Some quick instructions:

  • You must complete the quiz by the start of class on  Oct. 15, 2018.
  • When you click on the link, you may see a Google sign in screen. Use your AccessNet ID and password to sign in. It will then take you to the quiz.
    If it says you don’t have access, make sure you’re signed out of your regular Gmail (non-TUMail) account!
  • You can only do the quiz once. If you submit multiple times, I’ll only use the first (oldest) one.
  • This is “open book” – you can use the articles to answer the questions – but do not get help from anyone else.

Ready? Take the quiz by clicking this link.

Analytics Challenge extra credit

For 5 points on your lowest scored exam, here’s the assignment for the Analytics Challenge. This is good practice for the group project as well as an opportunity to compete and maybe win some money. I will look these over the Friday Oct. 26 before the Challenge is due on Oct. 31.

Form teams of anywhere from 2 to 4 and download the challenge specs and data from the site once you choose one.