Section 004, Instructor: Larry Dignan

Class Structure and Participation

You are expected to be an active part of the learning process. In the first part of each class session, we’ll discuss the readings. This will be followed by an in-class activity.

Preparation for class

Carefully read the assigned material prior to each class. You may find it helpful to take notes on the major points of each reading, noting how the readings for that session relate to each other.

Most Mondays there will be a short pre-class quiz, taken online (check the course schedule). The quiz will cover all readings to be discussed that week. Your instructor will provide the link to the quiz through a post to the Community Site.

You must complete the quiz by yourself before the start of class. It is “open book” – you can use the readings to take the quiz.

Participation during class

We will typically start each session with “opening” questions about the assigned readings. Students called on to answer should be able to summarize the key issues, opportunities, and challenges in the reading. All students should be prepared to be answer these questions. While you’re not expected to say something in every single class meeting, simply showing up for class does not qualify as participation.


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