Prof Patrick J Wasson, MS

Week 9 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: Last night we covered PDO, which involved writing PHP that both inserted, updated, deleted and selected data stored in a MySQL database.

For next week: 1) Read the Murach assigned pages 2) Practice everything we covered with PDO thus far 3) Work on challenge 4.1

4) Take a look at the Debugging post above and see if you can enable debugging on your own pc.  Once you have debugging enabled you can test it out in netbeans.  Please see the following tutorial:

Next week we continue PDO coverage with PDO Exercise 4 and Challenge 4.1.  We will also cover PHP Debugging which will help you troubleshoot your code during exam 2. We will also cover functions.

As a reminder: The last day to withdraw from the class is 3/21/18.  Please contact me before 3/21/18 if you have any questions.


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