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Week 13 Class Agenda – 4/16/2019

Class Presentations:

Presentation order of the teams will be random order determined at the beginning of class

For the presentations each team should have a version of the prototype loaded on a laptop that can be plugged into to projector and an copy of the presentation available to be projected on second screen.  Would recommend email to a team member then access from desktop at the podium.

Please print a hard copy of the presentation and hand to me prior to beginning your team presentation

Plan on 10 to 12 minutes to present and a few minutes for follow up questions.

Evaluation sheets will be handed out and complete by the evaluation team to critique the other teams presentation, then provide feedback to the presenting team and class.

Dress to be comfortable: casual or business, what ever you feel will be most effective for your team

Presentations not completed on 04/16/2019 will be presented on 04/23/2019.

All final project deliverables will be due on 4/23/2019.

Project team member evaluation sheets will be completed on 04/23/2019

Exam 3 will be given second half of class on 4/23/2019

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