me2Nolan Rimmer

Major: Management Information System

GPA: 3.06

Graduation: May 2016

Hello and thank you for looking at my page!

My name is Nolan Rimmer and I am currently a junior in the Fox School of Business. I am majoring in Management Information Systems. I am very interested in the way IT has developed and  has become a huge part of the business world. I am also really interested in how it plays such a key role in business innovation. Throughout my time here in the Fox School, I have developed a strong business education through general classes such as Accounting and Finance, along with an MIS program that ranks Top 15 in the nation year after year. MIS is an extremely active major where each year differs from the past due to advances in technology. Our professors teach us how to make sense of raw data, business analytics, enterprise IT architecture and all about new and emerging technologies. As I’ve stated technology is an rapidly changing field and as MIS student we are taught how to react quickly enough to capture opportunities to enhance our organizations.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my site and any and all comments are welcome!


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