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Project Management Intern at WSFS bank

I worked as a Project Management Intern at WSFS Bank. As a member of PMO Team within the Digital & Change Delivery Team, I contributed to strategic project efforts and guide project stakeholders in planning and executing large-scale, complex, and transformative changes. My role is to assist a Senior Project Manager in overall Project Plan Management, meeting minutes and shadow her on three enterprise-wide projects. Furthermore, I am the Project Manager for the PMO Intranet Site and am responsible for its implementation by August 1, 2023. Over the course of the internship, I have gained working experience with Project Management tools and software – Microsoft Project for the Web, Sensei IQ, One-Note for meeting minutes, Teams Approvals, Canva, SharePoint, PowerBI. I played an active role in three different enterprise-wide projects. I picked up on various lessons learnt by team-members especially while working with external vendors and consulting companies. Furthermore, I observed how change management takes a huge role post implementation by providing constant progress updates and education.

The most important skill I have improved on this role is communication.  I realized that it is extremely important to communicate with the team and decision makers as the project progresses. Secondly, while planning a list of stakeholders for a project, it is important to only include representatives of the department that are decision makers to smoothen the flow of the project and avoid delays. One skill I did not have that I’m learning this Summer is to forecast your work and make changes in your plan and action items every day. I discovered that the one person I always need on my side is the Project Sponsor. She is the final decision maker and everyone on the team highly values her decisions.

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