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Project Management Intern

  • At WSFS Bank, I worked as a Project Management Intern within the Project Management Office (PMO). As a member of PMO Team within the Digital & Change Delivery Team, I contributed to strategic project efforts and guide project stakeholders in planning and executing large-scale, complex, and transformative changes.
  • My role was to assist a Senior Project Manager in overall Project Plan Management, meeting minutes and shadow her on three enterprise-wide projects. Furthermore, I was the Project Manager for the PMO Intranet Site and responsible for its implementation by August 1, 2023.
  • Over the course of the internship, I have gained working experience with Project Management tools and software – Microsoft Project for the Web, Sensei IQ, One-Note for meeting minutes, Teams Approvals, Canva, SharePoint, PowerBI.
  • I had the great fortune of learning from team-members and stakeholders on enterprise-wide projects by observing their Project Management techniques and analysis.
  • I was part of meetings for three projects. I learned various soft skills by observing how team members work through different processes and issues to achieve the final goal.
    • First Project: In Pre-discovery stage and team was working on forecasting as well as ideas for elaboration.
    • Second Project: Project was in the red zone (past forecasting dates due to vendor issues) and team was working on a new schedule for implementation and testing.
    • Third Project: Nearing implementation in the next month and team was working on final rollout plan as well as final testing.
  • Networking within the company – I feel extremely grateful to my manager for connecting me with WSFS Bank employees from different departments across the bank. I was able to get an exposure to technology focused departments at the bank, which helped explore my interests and better understand my place at the company.
  • LinkedIn Learning Courses – After seeking an opportunity to do the Project Management Path curated by WSFS bank, I was able to learn techniques and earn LinkedIn certificates.
  • Experience with Process Engineering & Automation (PE&A) – At the Philadelphia office, my desk for next to three employees and that gave an insight into the business process improvement and artificial intelligence sections of the bank. I received an opportunity to work on a Bot Rating System, which was created on Microsoft Excel after complex programming and supported the cost-benefit analysis of getting a Bot instead of a person.
  • Special Intern events – WSFS Bank organized various social and professional events for all interns to network, learn, and grow in their chosen field of work. Some events included – Fireside chats, Lunch and Learn, Social gatherings, Intern Delaware meetings, Campus Philly Professional Development Workshop, and a DE&I workshop.
  • The best classroom knowledge I have leveraged at work is from MIS 3506, which is the User Experience Design class. In the course, Professor Lavin had us working with a real-time client to build a website for a Minor Basketball League in Valley Forge. My internship Project at WSFS Bank was to create a website for the Project Management Office on the WSFS Intranet site. I was able to use prior knowledge of creating wireframes on Figma to create the layout for the website. The gathering requirements activity performed in class helped with understanding the correct questions that should be asked to stay within the scope of the project.
  • I had the great fortune to speak with the CISO of WSFS bank about my 4+1 Cybersecurity program. He provided great insights and applications that will provide an additional perspective into my cybersecurity courses.
  • Forecasting and creating tasks as a Project Manager improved my time management and planning skills, which will positively impact my schedule at Temple As a Project Management Intern, I would be a part of several meetings a day out of which I lead most and that has boosted my confidence and ability to present.
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