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IBIT Mentorship Program

This mentorship program proved to be a very unique experience. Through this program, I got to meet an amazing woman who I would be lucky to call my mentor. She was very helpful and her broad experience with being in different types of companies really allowed her to give me insightful advice. As another woman, she was able to tell me what its like to work in Business/STEM as a woman and how to go about it. Although the program was conducted over several Zoom meetings, it helped me find strengths in things I didn’t notice before. My mentor was proud about the fact that I was well-rounded and I never realized that having non-business extracurriculars would help make me a better candidate. With my mentor’s advice, I was able to land a summer internship as well as a position in Fox College Council.

    • IT Career FairFall 2022
      Fall 2021
      Fall 2020

    • AIS Mentorship ProgramSpring 2022
      Fall 2021
      Spring 2021
      Fall 2020

    • Assist with department eventSpring 2022

    • IBIT Mentorship Program Spring 2021

    • AIS Technical Development TrackFall 2020

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