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Work Experience

University City Science Center, Venture Café Philadelphia

Experience  Intern

Philadelphia, PA   |  January 2021 – Present

Role Description:

  • Research and implement effective sign-up user experience via the Venture Café website, utilizing Salesforce.
  • Increased overall social media engagement across four platforms over 30 days by 98%
  • Run experience audits of Thursday events and track audience trends
  • Host workshops and guest speakers via zoom and facilitate innovative networking space for speakers and attendees.


Team picture!

User Experience Design and Marketing Intern

San Jose, California   |   May 2020 – August 2021

Role Description:

  • Assemble world-class team from over 1000 international applicants, coordinating over 100 interviews for hiring managers and develop an orientation process with post-orientation surveys to identify and explore opportunities for improvement.
  • Conduct moderated and unmoderated research sessions using remote the tool:, to analyze qualitative and quantitative data testing UX design framework concepts.
  • Run current experience audits of application and identify experience gaps in order to improve customer experience.

Case Study #1: Communication App Integration

Project Overview: 

In Fall 2020, was exploring possible integration routes for a communication app.


Determine whether users would find it useful to have integrated into the communication app.


Create a 2-minute youtube video walking through the designs for how would be integrated into the communication app. Administer unmoderated user test via

Sample Questions:

1) On a scale 1-5 how useful would it be to search across all your files within this communication app?

1a) How likely are you to use this function? (very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely)

2) On a scale 1-5 how useful is it to you to be able to preview the file within this communication app?

2a) How likely are you to use this function? (very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely)


” I would use this at 75% of my meetings that I participate in every week”

“Quickly previewing the file before sending it out is something I would use a lot because I am really paranoid that something’s wrong with the document before I send it out.”

Key Insights:

  1.  Most users found integrating software into a communication app would be beneficial in making internal meetings more concise and efficient.

  2. 4/5 users felt being able to preview the document before sharing with meeting attendees useful.

  3. Few users, particularly those working in Account Management felt the “search for files feature” is unneeded because they feel their files are already organized

User Personas:

    Account Management                            Sales                                     Marketing


Learning how to navigate unmoderated video testing was such as good experience as I feel this skill will be very useful for future user experience research in the future.  Overall, the results were compelling and interesting to hear how the user interprets the proposed functions, providing insights on whether this app integration will be successful.

Case Study #2: Exploratory Study on Search Interface

Project Overview: 

In Summer 2020, was in the development stages of a conversational search engine to find your stuff, no matter where it’s stored.

The research I conducted had 2 goals:

1) Exploration: Better understand the habits, desires, pain points, and highlights of a knowledge worker and student.

2) Validation:  Validate key functions of the applications search screen features such as buttons, labels, and icons

Research Setup:


1:1 Interview with participants

  • Interviewed 5 individuals about their search usage on their computer for files.

  • Asked participants about frustrations they face with finding documents.

Identify key features

  • Created a slide deck  that covered parts of the search interface in order to have participants focus on the feature at hand.

  • Labeled key features and asked the user to identify their use.

  • Gathered video recording and qualitative data.

Administered Test

  • Video screen recorded test and individuals auditory responses.

  • Went through each feature and noted where there may be confusion about a button or function.

Data Analysis

  • Assessed qualitative responses using a key-word analysis.

  • If the interpretation of certain buttons and features matched over 80% of the time, we could speculate the feature was intuitive to users





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