Amy Dinh

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Hello, and welcome to my e-portfolio!

My name is Amy Dinh, and I from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I attend the Fox School of Business at Temple University as an MIS major. It’s currently my junior year here, in which I intend on graduating in May of 2021. During my free time, I enjoy watching the behind the scenes clips of critically acclaimed films to see the production and scriptwriting process from the director and film crew. It very interesting to see how these sets and scripts are created through their imagination at first but through a process, everything gets put together into an incredible film. In similarity, this ties together with developing a website or application. Where one thinks about how they want the website/application to function and look, yet through the process of coding and analyzing the data, a website/application will eventually be developed. One of the perks about this major is that it allows you to be creative through the process.

With my knowledge in analyzing data and developing web-based data-centric applications, I am seeking an internship that ties my education in MIS to the position for the summer of 2020. Through the experience, I hope to gain more insight into the field and figure out what I would want to pursue as a career. I would definitely want a position that’ll challenge me to think creatively through the process of coming up with a solution to problems.

Finally, if you’re interested in contacting me, please refer to my contact page. Thanks for stopping by!

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