Anthony C Mignona

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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Business Coordinator at the 12th Street Gym

204 S. 12th Street.

In 2012, I started my professional career at the 12th Street Gym, a gym located in central Philadelphia. The 12th Street Gym is home to an ethnically-diverse range of gym-goers and staff. Through my 5 years of employment here, the 12th Street Gym has helped stimulate my personal growth as both an individual and as a young professional.  My role as the business coordinator position has contributed greatly to my professional development. This position required experience in management, attention to detail, proficiency in excel for data and financial analysis purposes, and more. I worked with this company from 2012-2017.

Please find some of my responsibilities below:

  • Managed the organization’s data system and ran specific reports to execute various
    operations, such as producing a list of newly expired members to call and increased
    customer retention.
  • Created insightful data visualizations for the owner. Made data-driven business decisions accordingly.
  • Led a team of 8 managers to ensure smooth operations and an excellent fitness
  • experience to over 4,000 gym members.
  • Produced the daily income statements and compared it with same-day performance
    form prior years to identify company revenue streams that may under-performing,
    and base decisions accordingly.
  • Reviewed credentials and resumes of employee applicants, interviewed prospective
    employees, and hired qualified candidates.
  • Filed and indexed employee personnel records, monitored performance, and handled
    progressive disciplinary processes to groom employees for success within the
  • Stocked items, such as protein powders and apparel, yielding 200%+ profit margins
    per unit sold through industry-related product research.


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