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Build a Full-Stack Javascript Application using AWS Amplify

1.) Build a Full-Stack Javascript Application using AWS Amplify: Video tutorial

2.) Completed May 8th 2023.

3.) The sponsor wasn’t published the instructor however was Ali Spittel.

4.) the activity started with a basic intro of what full stack applications and the skills needed to do them successfully those being ( Git, The CLI, Intermediate JavaScript, and familiarity with build tooling). Then followed by what AWS Amplifier is, how to use it for DataStores, how to implement it, how to authenticate it, how the system works, and how you can control various things such as billing alerts and app Deletion.

5.) How too use various tools in Javascript using AWS Amplify.

6.) In MIS 2402 we studied Javascript and APIs and taking this course in AWS allowed me to integrate that information from class with the ability to perform tasks using AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync.

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