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Interesting Facts Page

This activity relates to my career goals, as I\’m able to take stock of different hobbies and interests of mine to relate to colleages and potential employers.

  • Outside of school and work, I love to play the drums, play video games such as Super Smash Brothers and Call of Duty, and learn new programming languages.
  • I am a huge fan of Bollywood movies, so one of my favorite movies is a Bollywood film called \”Queen.\” An American favorite of mine is the \”Lizzie McGuire Movie\” which I\’ve loved since childhood.
  • I\’m currently really enjoying the shows \”Never Have I Ever\” and \”Ginny and Georgia\” on Netflix.
  • I have lived in Blue Bell, PA for most of my life.
  • My dog\’s name is Finn and he\’s an adorable German Shepherd mix, and I\’ve also taken care of my roommate\’s cat, Miel.
  • The two apps I visit daily are TikTok and Twitter
  • The coolest thing I’ve ever done has to be studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece for 4 months.

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