Anastasia Postolati

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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From: Team Sunshine

To: MC Martin

Subject: Weekly Progress Report – October 20, 2019

Period: 10/13/2019 – 10/20/2019

Actual Hours: 

Megan Westerman – 3.5 hours

Anastasia Postolati – 3.5 hours

Nic Patino – 2 hour

Guillermo Cordova – 4 hours

Hours to Date: 

Megan Westerman – 16.5 hours

Anastasia Postolati – 17.5 hours

Nic Patino – 14 hours

Guillermo Cordova – 16 hours

Accomplishments for week ending October 20, 2019

  1. We completed our risk register. 
  2. We began work on our website.  We have selected a theme and have begun to format the site to present our documents in a cohesive manner. We also came up with a logo that we will use to identify our company, “Sunshine Consulting”.
  3. We have started our Change Management Plan.  We have completed the Change Request Form and are working on our draft change management process.
  4. We met twice as a team during our regularly scheduled time as well as when class got cancelled on Friday.

Goals for the week ending October 27, 2019

  1. Complete and deliver Change Management Plan – finalize the change constraints and change log
  2. Finalize schedule and budget for the upcoming Wednesday class
  3. Complete Industry & Solution Research – dive deeper on specific requirements 
    1. Email Prof. Martin with further requirement questions
  4. Select solution – based on the research paper developed.
  5. We will begin to incorporate our final deliverables into the website.


  1. We had some trouble understanding what the Change Management Plan is supposed to look like. After struggling to find a template that suited our needs, we decided to build one from scratch based on the sections that we saw applicable.
  2. We also had trouble structuring our budget at first, however, Prof. Martin was able to provide us with helpful tips.

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