Aparna Rao

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2022


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I believe that I am a hardworking individual who always tries to succeed. My determination to succeed is what will help me prepare for a prosperous future. I am a well-rounded student that always tries to excel. I put forth hard work and effort into everything that I do. Along with maintaining an average weighted GPA of 4.292 throughout high school, I have participated in many clubs and activities along with doing many hours of community service. I am ranked 28 out of 496 people in my graduating class. My goal is to craft a successful future for myself through constant determination and dedication.

I enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering and participating in activities. Over the past few years, I have been an active volunteer at the library. I have participated in volunteering clubs such as YWCA tutoring and B3T in order to help kids and give back to the community. I was also a part of the Lemon Club which raises money for cancer patients. For me, playing an active role in the community is highly crucial because it is an excellent way to gain experience. My goal is to positively impact the lives of others through effort and rigorous determination. Because I wish to pursue the field of business, I want to focus on bettering my communication and leadership skills. I have participated in clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America and was the secretary of the National Honor Society at my high school. I currently am a part of the International Business Association and the AIS club at Temple University. I also have work experience from the Kumon Math and Reading Center, Northtec, and Dunkin’ Donuts. I currently work part-time at the Bursar’s Office. By participating in these activities, I have gained many skills that will prove to be beneficial throughout life.

I enjoy being a leader and communicating with people, therefore, I am enthusiastic about pursuing a career in the business field. I have gained an understanding of the importance of setting good standards. Good leadership reflects on the values and ideals that a person possesses. I have set many goals for myself in order to be the best that I can be. My goal is to be tremendously dedicated towards all of my aspirations.Throughout my life, I hope to be a leader who inspires those around her.


Professional Achievements

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackSpring 2019

    • AIS Technical Development TrackSpring 2019

    • AIS Professional Development TrackSpring 2019

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