Arsh Patel

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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  • About Money Mart (DFC Global Corp.)
    • Money Mart is a financial Services company that provides business loans, cheque cashing, and money transfer services to the underbanked. The company has around 700+ retail stores in North America with over 6,300 employees. Money Marts parent company Dollar Financial Crop. HQ’s reside in Malvern, PA with offices in Toronto and Victoria, Canada. I was part of Strategic Initiatives and Enabling Technology Team within the IT Department.
  • My Role:
    • Assisted with QA testing in various apps created by the company.
    • Involved in meetings with the offshore teams to get status on the current projects.
    • Created worklogs for new requirements for the app, such as password requirements and various state regulations that effected the business.
    • Hosted UAT testing for the new app with 10+ users and went through various scenarios/test cases.
    • Attended Microsoft workshop at Malvern Office to learn Microsoft Azure DevOps.
  • My Projects:
      • Money Mart Canada/USA UAT Testing.
        • Tested and debugged the renewed mobile check cashing app and appropriately documented any changes that were needed
        • Communicated and relayed offshore developers with missed bugs within the mobile app
      • Window Conversion from Window 7 to 10 in the retail stores machines.
        • Compared and analyzed Windows 7 to 10 software used by retail store employees to identify the most efficient business operating system
        • Provide stats to the management of the business transaction and proved converting to Windows 10 will make the overall time spend by Loan Specialist efficient.
      • Deputy APP Testing
        • Used various scenarios to identify and appropriately correct common errors when user uses the in-house Deputy Application
  • Hosted UAT which allowed contact center management to effectively fix these commonly found issues
  • Tutored contact center employees to use Deputy Application
  • How it relates:
    • I worked mostly with technology project management team where the skills I learned from Digital Studio came in handy. I was creating fish lane diagrams, gathering business requirements, testing a prototype beta version of various apps. I also assisted the QA team finding and fixes bugs using C#. I was able to apply what I learned in MIS 3506. The company uses Microsoft Azure where I was able to create backlogs, sprints, and plans. I used Excel heavily using it to create test plans, run book, and project deadlines.


Professional Achievements

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