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MIS 2101: Introduction to Information Systems

Learn about the role and basics of information systems and how they are applied to the world of business. The process of digital products from conception to deployment are also studied. Simple software applications are built.

MIS 2502: Data Analytics 

Learned programming languages such as SQL and NoSQL and applied them to various questions. Multiple sources of data are combined for data cleansing using extract, transform, and load. Analytics software is used to find insights about data.

MIS 2402: Web Application Development

Learn how to create web based applications through the use of Java Script to carry out a business activity. Loops, API calls, responsive web design, data validation, arrays, conditional statements are skills are also learnt.

MIs 3506: User Experience Design

Build a user interface that is beneficially for a business organization to obtain their goals. Design principals and the role of usability are taught to make the interface user friendly.





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